From 1974 Luigi Coppola, the founder of the firm which bears his name, is knawn in the field of jewels for the high quality of the gems he deals in and the imaginatio,n, technique and passion which distinguish the original jewels he offers.

The highest quality, the original design (often signed by artist of the Figurative Arts who cope with him) the care for details, the use of precious and semi-precious stones of a rare beauty, are the binding components of the jewels affered by Luigi Coppola.

The presentation of the gems and the jewels take place in the Fair of the trade which are set in Vicenza, but mast of all for sale by retail it is possible to view and purchase personally Luigi Coppola's great and little treasures, by marking an appointment, at the comfortable and elegant showroom in Bologna, 9 Cesare Battisti street, where you ean alsa find a vast exhibition of refined and precious valuares of the field.